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International Edge program

A  program for scale-up companies to accelerate their internationalization in the Tampere Region

Second batch starting January 2024

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Bringing the best from Europe

Meet experts from both Nordic Startup Ventures and Startup Wiseguys!

Combine the best of program design from the Nordics, with the best international talent outreach.

All happening in the Tampere region! A unique opportunity for you. And free of charge!

Startup Wiseguys has provided help to countless companies since 2012.


Starting from Estonia they have quickly expanded to many European countries. As of 2023, they have a diverse pool of mentors and incredible networking and funding capabilities.


As of now, they have had 13 exits and more than 370 portfolio companies.

Nordic Startup Ventures

Started in Tampere in 2020 as Nordic Startup School and then in 2021 as Nordic Startup Ventures. We provide mentoring, coaching, and venture building. As of 2023, there are  9 companies in the portfolio and its value has increased since.

Nordic Startup Ventures has run more than 10 different acceleration programs and mentored countless companies, always bringing high-quality, out-of-the-box mentors from Finland and abroad.

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A modular program based on your needs

Based on the applications, we will tailor the program to address your needs. The program always includes:

Coaching Days:  A coaching day includes going through pre-assignments, a facilitated 4-hour workshop, and homework.

Workshops: Workshops are interactive events where participants deepen their knowledge of a specific topic. Techniques used in workshops include facilitated design work, group discussions, role-playing, and other practical exercises.

1:1 Mentoring: Each company reserves time from the mentors' calendars. Mentoring is important because it provides an opportunity to address the company's individual challenges.


Homework: Participants are given pre-and/or post-assignments between coaching days. These assignments help ensure that the learned skills are applied in practice, and they can be used to monitor the company's progress during the coaching.

Evaluation: Before the program starts, companies choose metrics to assess the participating company's development and measure goal achievement. Mentoring serves as one tool for evaluating company progress, and mentors provide their assessment of the company's development compared to the previous session after each mentoring session.

Case examples: Where a founder shares their own experiences of scaling a business and the challenges and solutions related to the specific theme they have encountered along their growth path.

Peer Assessment and Support: The opportunity to receive feedback from other participants and share thoughts and ideas. Some exercises are done in groups, allowing teams to collaborate with each other.

Networking and Introductions: During the program, new connections are established with other scale-up companies, including domestic and foreign investors. The investors are carefully selected based on their investment profile matching the companies chosen for the program.

Program ran in collaboration with:

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Program Starts


Some of our mentors


Mikko Petäjä

CEO at Yogaia


Mariia Tintul

Head of BizDev at Startup Wiseguys

Hanna Nyholm_edited_edited.png

Hanna Nyhölm

Executive coach, investor and startup mentor


Piia Karjalainen

Senior adviser at Keskuskauppakamari


Juha Ristolain

CTO at Upvest

pekka parnanen_edited.png

Pekka Pärnänen

COO at Verge Motorcycles

Join now!

Applications open until 10.12

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