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The Hive Mind

The Hive Mind is a mentoring programme organized by Nordic Startup Ventures. It is open and free for all early-stage startups in the Tampere region, Finland


Welcome to the Hive Mind, a place where you can access the vast knowledge of mentors and serial startup founders.

 It has arrived from outer space. A being of infinite knowledge. Fortunately for you, we have managed to capture some of its power in Tampere. It seems it specialises in startup knowledge! Ask your questions, and it shall answer. It shall adopt the shape of a mentor every now and then so you may communicate with it. 

Who is this for?
The program is for early-stage startups based in Tampere, ideally with an MVP and some revenue.


Why participate? 
It is especially useful if you want product validation, product/market fit, internationalisation, and a pitch review for investors. You can solve many of your current sales and scaling challenges and any other issues affecting your growth. 

How does it work?
You will be granted 5 40-minute mentoring sessions delivered over the course of 5 months. 
Nordic Startup Ventures will do the startup-mentor matchmaking based on your key challenges, so make sure to fill in the registration form properly. All NSV mentors are carefully selected and receive continuous mentoring training. 

How to apply? 
Fill out the form to let the Hive Mind know what you need. Be as specific as possible.
It will return to you in a few days, either in the shape of Enrique Montano or one of the well-known mentors via email.
Your mentoring session will be arranged, either online or in person.
After the session, you will be asked to give some feedback. Again, be as specific as possible.
If needed, another session will be arranged after some time as long as both parties agree to do so.

Applications are open; apply now! Got questions? Reach out to enrique(at)

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Some of our mentors


Pouria Kay

“I have acquired 20 years of experience crafting user-centred solutions and directing teams, dedicating half of my journey to creating new businesses and products. My motto: Super teams are built, not hired.”


Mirva Nevalainen

“My passion is scaling up businesses with the better use of insights and digital services. I have a track record of great customer relationships, multiplied revenues, and leading successful teams and large commercial operations.

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Juha Ristolainen 

“My professional interests focus on innovative high-tech startups, breakthrough technologies, international software business, software projects, software production, product management and agile software development methodologies.”


Alexandra Petrova

“I’ve worked in most aspects of marketing at some point in my career, from event production to marketing automation setup and web design. I used to run a digital agency in Helsinki and won several hackathons building digital products.”

Join now!

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